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Rugs are commonly placed throughout areas with high foot-traffic to protect the flooring or carpet beneath. Due to this, they receive the brunt of soil and dirt particles trekked into your home. These particles act like sandpaper against the fabric fibers, causing your rugs to become frayed and shabby looking. To help your rugs maintain their original luster, opt for Mass Carpet Cleanup’s professional rug cleaning services. We’ve cleaned every type of rug around Eastern Massechusetts and the greater Boston metro area. Our advanced cleaning methods—like hot water extraction—paired with all-natural conditioners guarantee your rugs will be stain-free once we’re through with them.

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How We Do It

While a portion of the rug cleanings we do are carried out on site, we’ll often take your rugs back to our warehouse for treatment. Pick-up and delivery are free with your purchase!


We start with a visual evaluation of your rugs. Once we determine the most appropriate cleaning method for each type of fabric, we’ll begin our hunt for stains. While we can generally determine what substance formed the stain from checking it up close, we may ask you for context to determine the exact cause. This will increase our chances at completely removing any blemishes from your rug.

Dry Clean

Regardless of fabric type, the first step towards freshening up any rug is the dry clean. We use a powerful vacuum to shake loose any embedded, dry soil particles, and extract them before the wet clean. Skipping this process can greatly hamper the final product, so we make our dry cleans as thorough as possible.

Hot Water Extraction

Next, we apply all-natural, biodegradable preconditioners that are suited to the fabric type of each rug. These help loosen moist soils and cleanse bad odors. After the preconditioners have set, we scan each rug over several times with our steam cleaning wand attachments. Called hot water extraction, this process rinses out soapy residues, and with them, any pollutants that had settled into your rugs.

Spot Checking

We’ll survey your rug once more to check for any stains that survived the initial cleaning. Tough-to-lift stains are treated with specialized chemicals.

Dried And Repackaged

Once your rugs are spotless, they’re hung out and dried by high-powered industrial fans. Afterward, we give each rug a final grooming before repackaging and delivering them back to your property.

Homecare Tips

Mass Carpet Cleanup recommends that you hire professional rug cleaning services every 3-5 years. In the meantime, however, there are steps you can take to keep your rugs looking vibrant and healthy.

  • Vacuuming: Rug that are in frequent use should be vacuumed weekly to remove fine particles that fray the rug’s fibers.
  • Shifting: The angle or position of your rugs should be periodically shifted so that wear and tear from foot traffic is equally distributed over time.
  • Stains: Immediately blot out any spills with a paper towel to prevent stains from setting in. Keep club soda or cleaning chemicals handy for an emergency spot cleaning if necessary.

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