Cambridge Carpet Cleaning


Hello Cambridge! Are you in need of high quality carpet cleaning services, water damage restoration or mattress cleaning? Mass Carpet Cleanup is happy to provide the citizens of Cambridge with high quality services in all these areas, as well as rug and upholstery cleaning services. Whether it’s for your home or business, Mass Carpet Cleanup is happy to bring our high quality eco friendly cleaning services to you. Read on to discover more about the services we offer Cambridge.

Carpet Cleaning Services

It’s in our name, and we take a lot of pride in our high-quality carpet cleaning services. Once your appointment is made, we send an experienced professional to your location to determine what exact pre-treatment conditioners are needed for cleaning your carpet. We only use pre-treatment conditioners that are all natural and environmentally friendly, meaning that they do not omit any harmful or toxic fumes. After the process is complete, over 90% of the hot water used in our deep cleaning process is removed from your carpet, meaning that your carpet will be dry and spotless in no time.

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Water Damage Restoration

Have you experienced water damage in your home or business, be it from flooding or otherwise? Some think that once the damage is done, the worst part is over, but leaving water to sit can actually cause further problems, leading to things like mold development and further decay. Mass Carpet Cleanup offers high quality water damage restoration services that are on par with our carpet cleaning services. Like our carpet cleaning services, we first assess the damage and remove any remaining water, sanitize the area, dry and dehumidify the area and finalize with any last touches that may be needed. Once we are done, you are left with a room ready to be restored to its original lustre.

Mattress Cleaning

Think about it — our homes and businesses accumulate dust and debris in the eight or more hours a day we spend in them. In the same way, our mattresses acquire their fair share of dirt as well. While many of us have a tendency to leave our mattresses as they are in the years that we use them, keeping your mattress clean will not only make it last longer, but it will feel as fresh and clean as the day you had it delivered.

Cambridge, look to Mass Carpet Cleanup for all your carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, water damage restoration and mattress cleaning needs. For more information about us and the services we offer, contact us today!