Using to the carpet cleaning latest methods and equipment, Mass Carpet Cleanup has left countless home owners satisfied. When it comes to carpet cleaning, we’ve tackled properties of all sizes. Cozy ramblers, celebrity mansions, even the office spaces of famous franchises. Rest easy, because our team of professional carpet cleaners is ready to lift the grit and stains out of any carpet around the Brookline, MA.

Our Carpet cleaning services are for homes and businesses in Brookline, MA. Whether you need to spruce up your home’s carpets or feel like your office space could use a refresher, we have the services for you. Be sure to get in touch with us and find out how we can help with any of your residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs aroundther Brookline, MA.

Our Process

Before anything else, our professionals are sent in to scan for the carpet type, and areas in need of extra attention. We use this information to select the best preconditioners to spray into your carpet. All of our preconditioners are environmentally friendly. Also our service is ORGANIC and CHEMICAL FREE. They’re made with natural ingredients and emit zero allergen-causing toxic fumes. This makes the carpet safe for pets and babies to play on immediately after cleaning.

To achieve our signature deep cleans, we use only the highest quality tools for a hot water extraction cleaning. Each van is fitted with cutting-edge truck mounts that heat the water in perfect accordance with the type of carpet its applied to. The water is then funneled through a hose to our cleaning wands at high-pressure. As the wand scans over each patch of carpet, stains and dirt are lifted and exposed without damaging the carpet fibers.

Additionally, over 90% of the applied water and soapy residues are suctioned out as the carpet is cleaned. This allows your carpet to dry out swiftly, especially with the aid of an air conditioner or fans. It’s safe to walk on immediately after treatment, but tread carefully to avoid slipping. Once dry, you’ll be left with a carpet that looks, feels, and smells pristine.

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