Water Damage Restoration Service

Based out of Eastern Massachusetts, Mass Carpet Cleanup has helped countless homeowners reduce the effect of water damage on their property. Our team was on the job 24/7 when Hurricane Sandy hit Boston, and has worked through other tropical storms before and since. We understand the devastating effects of water damage, and operate rapidly to drain, dry, and disinfect your property. If your home has been affected, don't hesitate to call for Mass Carpet Cleanup's water damage restoration service.

The Dangers Of Waiting

Water damage harms more than just your furniture and carpets, it also ruins household appliances, insulation, and drywall. Additionally, water damage caused by leaking sump pumps or flooding creates a breeding ground for all manner of dangerous microorganisms. Mold, for example, proliferates in home environments if allowed enough access to moisture and sustenance. Allergy and asthma symptoms become worse when mold particles are strewn about the air, which increases the risk of respiratory diseases. Immediate attention to water damage not only saves your home items, but also prevents the spread of mold and other nasty contaminants.

Remove Excess Water

When significant amounts of water has accumulated—i.e. a flooded basement—we'll need to remove the excess liquids using industrial pumps. Affect furniture and appliances are relocated beforehand.

Diagnose The Damage

Once the standing water has been pumped out, we can properly analyze how bad the damage is. Many cases require the complete disposal of carpeting, baseboards, insulation, and portions of the drywall. When afflicted with excess moisture, these items become hotbeds for mold and bacteria.


To prevent further damage to your property, we begin cleaning as soon as possible. We use all-natural commercial grade disinfectants to sanitize all affected items. Leftover mud and grime are also cleared away to ensure the removal of all contaminants.

Dry And Dehumidify

Next, our team sets up a network of fans and dehumidifiers. The fans help speed up the drying process, while our dehumidifiers capture and retain the evaporated moisture. This can take several days to complete.

Finishing Touches

After the drying process, we return your furniture and appliances back to their original position. At this point, you'll have the green light to begin installing new carpeting, drywall, and any other items that were lost to water damage.

What To Do When Flooding Hits

Calling our water damage restoration service within 24 hours is imperative when flooding hits your home. However, there are other steps to take that can guarantee a positive outcome to this difficult situation.

  • Turn Off The Power: Secure the safety of you and your family by turning off the main, and all individual connections, in the fuse box. This should be done right away, even if the power grid has already gone down.
  • Document Everything: Take photos or video when the damage is at its peak, and before any repairs are made. Otherwise, insurance companies may grant you decreased coverage. Your insurer should also be contacted as soon as possible.
  • Protect Yourself: Standing water after a flood is likely contaminated with sewage and other pollutants. Wear waist high waders, water-proof boots, and rubber gloves if navigating flooded areas.

Don't wait to call for our water damage restoration service!