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4 Tips to Remove Dog Urine

4 Tips to Remove Dog Urine

4 Tips to Remove Dog Urine

Stains will be inevitable if you are a pet owner, but you can take control before the evidence sets in for the long haul with these four proactive tips.

Be it a playful puppy accident or bout of doggone territorial marking behavior, if you have a faithful canine companion, be ready to face this dilemma. The best news is chances are, you’ve got the interim ingredients to start the cleaning process before your stain removal specialist arrives at the scene of the crime. When it comes to removing dog urine from mattress, it is best left to a professional due to the enzyme makeup and how, if left improperly removed with just a DIY quick fix, can lead to some extreme detrimental health risks. Start the ball rolling by reading on and gaining a foothold before the deed is done.

Pre-emptive strike one.

Don’t lay the blame on anyone. Cleaning dog urine from your mattress is the main focus of the goal and you should act as soon as you can by removing excess bedding and covers and either washing immediately or keeping aside until you have more time. This includes any mattress padding or covers. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the mattress cover stopped a majority of the liquid. While yes that could be the case, the facts are dampness, odors, and even small puddles of pee will cause a floodgate of issues.

 Take a good swing at strike two.

Don’t crush the stain with the might of Casey at the bat. A gentle dab or two with a clean towel or disposable paper toweling with just enough finesse to stop the liquid from seeping deeper should do the trick before the next approach. Sprinkle the area liberally but evenly with fresh baking soda. Don’t reach for the open box in the fridge or elsewhere if used to remove odors and musty, damp areas, as any scent from it will transfer into your mattress as well defeating your purpose before you even get a fair shot at success. Leave this to dry and then either brush it away or vacuum up what you can. Now you can start with the wash away attempt.

Keep on going and head for third.

The vinegar and water mix in a spray bottle. Without saturating what’s already been showered today and to clean urine from a mattress, keep to small sections at a time, beginning at “ground zero”. That being the heaviest bullseye and working outward. Spritzing and dabbing as you go, keep replacing your cleaning cloth until no visible sign of urine shows up. This entire process shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to see positive improvements. After which you can progress along to the last step. To remove dog urine from your mattress, pick up….

The phone or visit online.

By calling in your certified professional cleaning service, you’ll be saving the risks of:

  • Mold growth
  • Allergy and skin issues
  • Repeat accidents from Fido
  • Destruction of mattress fiber due to chemical enzyme uric acid
  • Lingering offensive odors
  • Embarrassing yellowing stains

A twice-annual deep clean with a dry chem steam professional is normally recommended for any furniture, carpeting, and even mattresses, but emergency services for urine removal are integral for this case. Cleaning services have a selection of bio-friendly materials to thoroughly disinfect any mattress variety, from feather to foam, via hot water steam extraction and followed up with a bacteria-beating protective coating, resulting in a pristine and incredibly healthy clean bed.

The best deep cleaning service professionals will book you for a timely appointment and arrive ready to go with a detailed list of what the process will entail. You’d be amazed at what your local carpet cleaning pros do cover, so give yours a call or visit them online and take advantage of daily specials, discounts, package deals, and get rid of any and all of the trouble spots in your home today.

Don’t let the stigma of a stained mattress be the dogma of your day. The professionals understand and care about the value and concern of your situation and will be there in an instant to put your mind and wallet at ease so that you and Fido can get a better night’s sleep.


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