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Just How Do The Best Professionals Undertake Leather Furniture Cleaning?

How often does leather furniture need to be cleaned?

Leather furniture often gets used every day. Leather combines the practicality of furniture with the luxury of leather. Though it can be interpreted as a status symbol, leather furniture is usually something we acquire because there’s no material quite like it. After a long day at work or on your feet, leather furniture can feel like a hug. Nevertheless, because it’s not as obviously absorbent as other upholstery fabrics, leather can go neglected and uncleaned for a long time. Leather furniture should be vacuumed every six months and cleaned professionally once a year.

What’s the best way to clean leather?

There are a couple of options when it comes to cleaning leather furniture. Shaving cream, vinegar, sand soap, and tea tree oil can all be used in small amounts when attempting to clean leather at home. You can also try commercial leather-cleaning products, but not all products available to consumers are make alike; some are not biodegradable or organic. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure you go with damp not wet towel. Water seeps into leather and compromise its material (and does little to remove stains). Also, be sure to test whatever cleaning product you’re using on an inconspicuous portion of the leather before treating the most visible areas.

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Why should I have a highly reviewed professional cleaning service clean my leather furniture?

Leather cleaning is a job best done by professionals because mistakes can be expensive. Using excessive water or abrasive chemicals on leather products can result in permanent and conspicuous damage to your expensive furniture. Moreover, because leather doesn’t immediately absorb cleaning products as quickly as other material, owners are less likely to realize that the leather is indeed absorbing these powerful chemicals and may show cracks or stains only days after being improperly treated. Also, while water seems a benign choice for generic cleaning, water reacts with leather uniquely to push the stain deeper into the sofa .

Professionals have the right equipment (including special vacuums and brushes) and variety of products (including oils, conditioners, and enzyme-based products) to clean any color or style of leather. Professional cleaning companies use non-toxic, organic, biodegradable products that can remove stains and even restore leather that has been cracked. A professional cleaning service will pay for itself by virtue of extending the lifespan of your leather furniture.

How do I find affordable company near me?

So, you’re finally ready to find an experienced leather-cleaning service. No need to search the Internet for a professional leather cleaning service. Just give us a call

I’ve had an emergency spill on my leather furniture. Do professional cleaners offer quick, same day emergency service?

If you call our leather cleaning company, you’ll have more luck getting the emergency service than if you email us or out fill out our online form. Explain to the representative the nature of your emergency, the location of your home, and the preferred hours during which you’re able to receive service (the more flexible your hours are, the more likely your request for immediate service can be accommodated). Also, while we do our best to deliver same-day service for emergencies, if your request can wait until the next day, you’ll likely have more success. Pick up the phone, and be persistent!

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