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A Deep Healthy Sleep Starts with a Clean Mattress

A Deep Healthy Sleep Starts with a Clean Mattress

Nothing beats the perfect end to a day more than the feeling of climbing into bed, surrounded by the downy comfort and crisp, clean scent that a thorough mattress sanitizing service has provided. This is just one of the calling card perks a professional mattress washer technician proudly offers you.

Is Deep Cleaning a Mattress Worth It?

Can you dry clean your mattress? Yes. Toppers, futons, and memory foams are included. 

Dealing with the expected stains that any bed will be tested with throughout its lifetime, you can relate to the feeling of accomplishment you get when those stains are gone. But, unfortunately, not only can stains become a lingering hazard for health reasons, but let's face it, they can be downright embarrassing too. 

Can't I Just Remove the Stains and Dirt by Hand?

Over-the-counter products and DIY cleaners are terrific to have in your home for general and occasional maintenance or quick triage prevention, but have you considered a hygienic restorative deep steam and water pressure extraction that your top carpet cleaning company in the Boston area offers? Now you can also count on Mass Carpet Clean Up to apply the same precision deep cleaning treatment to all of your beds, mattresses, other upholstery, area rugs, wall-to-wall flooring, and fine Oriental carpets. 

The Healthy Way to Sleep

Still not convinced? Consider that on average, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a nightly frame of 7 to 9 hours of sleep is necessary for general well-being. If your mattress has become tinged with old stains, traps in smells from musty air, cooking odors, sweat, and even pets, by merely changing your dirty sheets with clean ones, you are only covering up the real damage that lingers. 

Dust, mold, mites, dry skin, and other allergens will seriously trigger asthma, allergies, and other bronchial-related illnesses. Even though vacuuming occasionally can help alleviate those issues, once you trust us at Mass Carpet Clean Up to apply one of our mattress deep cleaning services, you will immediately see, smell and sleep the remarkable difference. You can also ask about our Scotchgard application. Scotchgard will help keep your mattress clean for longer. 

Especially recommended as a post-hygienic service after any illness recovery, disaster water damage, or even just a seasonal home reopening, with our track record, you can be guaranteed that our mattress dry cleaning services leave you with more than clean-looking mattress, topper, or futon. Our attention to quality and thorough service will send you off to a healthy, calm, and deep-down sleep. 

Twice a Year Is All It Takes

To experience true sleeping pleasure and a healthy lifestyle extension, call us at 617-202-2202 or click here to schedule your next cleaning service. You'll wonder why you waited so long at a price that cannot be beaten. Multiple payment options are available, and 24-hour emergency crews are also available for either home or commercial needs. 

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