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Used Carpets, Rugs, And Furniture

Used Carpets, Rugs, And Furniture

What you should know before you get thrifty.


With summer wrapping up and thoughts turning to autumn, the focus switches to college and university students resuming dorm room decorating and off-campus housing roommates refurbishing their furnishings, seasonal homes being closed up, and tourist-run motels and inns winding down, farmers markets and crafters taking advantage of the shoulder season to sell their goods to weekend bargain hunters. 


Homeowners also jump into the thirsters mode and host yard, garage, and junk sales, hoping to make a few extra bucks while cleaning out space. Real estate sales, home rentals, and relocating numbers rise before the mere dismal thought of moving in the middle of a New England winter.


From sidewalks to city parking lots and stalls, great second-hand bargains abound. If you want to be a weekend sales success, it is worth an hour or two extra prep time to consider more than wiping off some dirt or saturating that used sofa with a scented spray. While a professional deep clean service provider will always recommend and appreciate a service call, there are some instances where some DIY effort is worth it in the end run. 


Pre-sales preparation to get the most out of your effort.


Steam cleaning used furniture and carpeting is a great way to give it a new lease of second-hand life before you sell it. Not only does it remove dirt and grime, but it can also help to remove odors and allergens that any informed buyer and collector will appreciate and pay top dollar for. 

Easily done and adding the appeal of cleaning without harsh chemicals can make your goods into great buying choices for those looking for a more eco-friendly cleaning option. 

From your helpful team at Mass Carpet Cleanup, here are some time-saving tips to pass along for a better-than-band-aid approach to an easy way to spruce up your second-handers for rehoming. 

Try to pick a good weather day without any rain or humidity in the forecast that also coincides with your outdoor sale. From there, you can move your item out into the driveway or garage and use Mother Nature’s drying and deodorizing assistance while freeing up your time on sale day and letting others in the area see that you are diligent and considerate to sell only the best goods around. They’ll be apt to pay more for a cleaned bargain than one that is just dropped outside the night before.

Should it rain and put a damper on things before steam cleaning used furniture, it’s important to ensure the furniture is completely dry before you begin. This will help to ensure that the steam doesn’t cause any damage to the furniture. Once the furniture is dry and surface-level dirt is clean, you can begin steam cleaning. 

Start by filling a rental or home-owned steam cleaner with water and a cleaning solution. Follow the instructions on the steam cleaner to ensure you are using the correct amount of water and solution.

Once the steam cleaner is ready, you can steam clean your area rug. If you are tackling a piece of furniture, only use the proper attachment wand or brush. While moving the steam cleaner slowly over the furniture, cover all areas and then apply a second pass with circular motions to ensure that all areas are being cleaned.

So, now that you’ve finished steam cleaning the furniture, you should allow it to dry entirely via machine extraction, electric fans, and sunshine. If you have a clothesline nearby, hanging a throw rug or carpet over it is also a super way to dry and display your wares. Steam cleaning used furniture, rugs, or even fabric drapes is a great way to give them a new lease of life. Now, you can price your product and add to the resale value. 

++added bonus tip: Want to impress potential bargain buyers? Take a few pictures of you cleaning and displaying the product as proof of cleanliness and have them on hand to showcase your efforts. Consider throwing in any extra or leftover cleaning product, spot remover treatments, or store-bought protective sprays and waxes.


Curb alert and hidden dirt

Now, on the other side of the coin, when you find a great second hand buy but aren’t willing to risk the hidden unknown factors found in throw rugs and carpets, your best option is to rely on the industrial high-pressure steam powered super deep cleaning services provided by your Greater Boston region Mass Carpet Cleanup Why?


Because when it comes to buying second hand, it is important to consider the potential unknown health risks associated with any item. Carpets, area rugs, fabric furniture and mattresses can be a breeding ground for bacteria, odors, dust mites, and other allergens, stains and unhealthy trouble spots so it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your secondhand purchases are properly sanitized as soon as possible after bringing them into your home. 

Outfitted with the industry highest quality equipment, tools and enviro-friendly cleaning solutions, the efficiently and professionally trained carpet and furnishing cleaning technicians take all the guesswork out of your concerns and pay extra attention to any and all of your cleaning needs. From mattresses and sick beds to floor tiles and wall to wall broadloom, you know you’ve chosen the best pros in the area. 

Even your family heirloom pieces like silk Orientals, hand woven wool runners and rehung draperies or tapestries will blossom into new life under their meticulous care and high-quality deep cleaning treatments. Spot removals, pretreatments, and protective finish applications are chosen and recommended for each specific fiber, age, and factory recommended treatment process.

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